Do you work with or know someone who would like to join us at our meet-ups?  You can refer anyone who:

  • lives in London
  • is over the age of 18
  • has migrated to the UK (we don't mind what someone's immigration status is - they could have no status, be seeking asylum or have refugee status or citizenship - everyone is welcome)
  • would like to meet new people and can physically get to our social meet-ups.

Refugee Connection is a social network made up of lots of individuals, and we encourage people to get to know each other as equals.  As such we do not run DBS checks on anybody apart from our advocacy team, we do not make any distinction between 'beneficiaries' or 'volunteers', and people must take responsibility for themselves at our social meet-ups or if they meet up outside of Refugee Connection.

Because our social meet-ups are completely unfunded and we don't formally monitor them, we are unable to provide feedback on any of our referrals.

If you want to learn more about how our organisation works, please click here to visit our FAQs page.

Please make your referral using the online form below:

Please note that our social meet-ups and the work involved in organising them is completely voluntary.

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